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Who is Level π:

Level π is the German musician Uwe Cremer, whose musical style reaches from Krautrock/electronic /experimental music to post punk and romantic goth rock. His first 3 albums have been compared by various reviewers to work from Klaus Schulze, and to Pink Floyd among others. His new release is driven by his passion for Post-Punk and romantic Goth. Cremer lives in Cologne, Germany.

I am born in Düsseldorf.

My family moves to the town of Iserlohn, the place where I grew up.

Popmusic is awfully boring, except for “Autobahn” and “Kometenmelodie II” by the German electronic act Kraftwerk.

My first acoustic guitar. With the aid of my sister’s boyfriend and the “Mundorgel” – a German folk-songbook – I learn to play the guitar. I stop going to guitar lessons at the local youth centre after the guitar instructor yelled at me, red with rage, because instead of tuning my guitar before class I had been busy talking to my mates. It was my second lesson.

Music is definitely NOT boring anymore. Kraftwerk’s album “Menschmaschine” becomes the starting shot for my record collection.

Bit by bit I discover Eloy, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Scorpions, Jane, Hannes Wader, Jim Croce, Motörhead, Saxon…. Many songs are perfect for playing them on the guitar. I also enjoy German New Wave a lot.

I go for a better guitar. After years of Krautrock and Heavy Rock, I now increasingly listen to Post Punk and Gothic.

Apart from Pink Floyd I almost exclusively listen to Post Punk gothic music. Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim are the best. Unfortunately, final exams, my diploma thesis and job applications markedly decrease my musical output .

In the Westfalia Stadion in Dortmund I see Pink Floyd for the first time live, and for two weeks I feel intoxicated by the concert. A friend of mine lends me her electric guitar (a Winner) for life. I play my first own songs on that guitar. I still like to use it use it with it's nice Seymour Duncan pickups

A couple of friends of mine and I are allowed to use the equipment and the rehearsal room of another band. We rehearse our own songs in a basement vault in Mönchengladbach. I discover Camel and especially Krautrock anew.

After another move our joint music project peters out. With the assistance of Cosmic Dreams at play – A guide to German progressive and electronic rock and other guides I start to buy myself through the Krautrock jungle and keep on discovering new rarities - and as old rarities are being re-released time and again, I still do. Inspired by the sound experiments of Krautrock, I get my old Commodore C64 out again and start programming a variety of sounds, which I can then call up via the keyboard. Unfortunately, the time gap between hitting the key and the computer playing the sound increases proportionally to the number of pre-programmed keys, which makes it hard to play music that way on the C64.

A friend of mine lends me his keyboard and I start to learn the basics of playing it on my own.

I am fed up with the Casio sounds and buy a second-hand YAMAHA PSR SQ 16. The 16 track sequencer opens up a range of possibilities hitherto unknown to me. I write a lot of songs on the YAMAHA (of which some are not even finished today).

A friend of mine shows me how to turn a PC into a multi-channel sound recording station and little by little I’m getting started.

I buy a Korg AX1000G in order to get the guitar sound straight. I record my first home-made album, “Absent friends”, under the pseudonym PSR.

I experiment with sounds and keep on writing further songs, which lead to a second home-made CD. Because I have to take my final exams, I have to take a break making music. After the exams, I treat myself to a new PC and bit by bit to more software. It takes a lot of time to get used to the programs, but it is also big fun. As I forget to make backups, a crash of my hard-drive leads to the loss of 70 minutes of my own improvised music.

I make another home-made CD (“Being someone else”). The old Winner is being replaced by a Fender Stratocaster as my main guitar. I send my home-made CDs to a couple of record labels and Garden of Delights offers me the opportunity to release a CD.

My first CD, “Entrance” is released under the name Level π on Garden of Delights.

The first recordings for a new album are coming together. Unfortunately, I have to suspend recording for several months due to Tinnitus. Only towards the end of the year have my ears recovered sufficiently to resume.

Finally, in May, we're there: the music for my second album is finished. "Electronic Sheep" is my homage to the giants of seventies electronic music: Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre,... As to why there's no homage to Kraftwerk - no idea. But the odd listener or two have managed to hear Kraftwerk in there, anyway.
The album was mastered by Steve Baltes. In November, the Tangerine Dream Fanzone Radio Show fan a special item (klick for listening) πfan a special item on Level π. And finally, I made my first venture into the world of film soundtracks, beginning with the music for a one-hour film about Costa Rica, a collection of impressions. The film is made in 16mm by members of a Super 8/16mm film club.

An exciting year!
In May, "Electronic Sheep" is released officially on the Museas sublabel, Dreaming, including the bonus track "Sonnenwind" which I composed especially for the Musea release. In September a new sample cd called "MyOuterSpace Vol. 5" appears, with my song "Pferdekopfnebel", and in November the new album by "Computerchemist" Dave Pearson, called "Aqual Measure" goes on sale. The title track is a joint composition of Dave's and mine, and the guitars are all by Level π. And while we're at it, in the summer I write a fun-track, "Honeymoon Question" for the wedding of Chris and Cathy Newman. The song is aired at the wedding-special on the TDFZ radio show. The "Costa Rica Film" project is concluded and the film shown successfully.

I'm beginning to work on my third solo album.

I know, I know, there shouldn't be a gap of 6 years. But - Time flies and is always short ;)