January 17/ 2018:
  • New song and video: MPD218. A song I wrote while testing my new usb midi pad controller - the AKAI MPD218. So the drumming is live on pads but not without a little editing.
    MPD218 Video
December 06/ 2017:
November 14/ 2017:
  • "TALOS IV" - a new track on Bandcamp in my album "From Old to New". It's for free until Sunday (or pay as much as you like)
    This is another old track. I believe the original is from 2001/2002, a couple years before my album "Entrance". It was written for a contest of the German magazin PC & Musik. Later I started re-recording it, because the original recordings needed more than just some EQ and compression and I didn't like the middle part. But I never finished the new version and in the end I had nearly forgotten that I have it. Until now ;)
    Talos IV
September 4/ 2017:
  • There is a new track in my album "From Old to New" on Bandcamp: "Psychedelic Times" It's another oldie. I've written this song right after I bought my bass guitar back in 2006. The song started with the bassline (of course with my new bass guitar ;) ) and some Nick Mason styled drumming. Organ, Mellotron and Vibraphone makes it feel very 60s, early 70s, very psychedelic.
    Psychedelic Times
July 8/ 2017:
  • This is a busy month. There is another new track. "Memento Mori" is part of the compilation "Pale Horizons" by Reptile Music. It's digital album, available on Bandcamp
    Reptile Music - Pale Horizons
July 3/ 2017:
  • There is a new track in my album "From Old to New" on Bandcamp: "Kiso Valley" Originally released on the fan club compilation "Schallplatte 12" by Schallwende e.V. in 2010, it was about time to make this track available as a download. Expect some Berlin School with a touch of Japan.
    Kiso Valley
June 1/ 2017:
  • New song on BANDCAMP: Black Rabbit. Originally released on the Sireena compilation "Son of Kraut" it is now available as a single track. Although it seems to be Krautrock with weird sounds and moog sequencer lines, the attacking guitar is influenced by Goth Rockers like NFD.
    Black Rabbit
  • Thomas and I have had some good reviews lately, so we must celebrate this by giving 80% (!) discount on our album Time Trilogy (or any other object), if you use the discount code "zeit". The code is valid until Sunday, June 4. Cheers from Uwe and Thomas
    Time Trilogy
  • Hahaha, this is crazy. You can buy "Electronic Sheep" for 120 € on amazon! I promise, it's cheaper here.
May 13/ 2017:
  • I have resurrected a very very old track: "Die treibende Kraft" ("The Driving Force"), written in 1996 recorded in 2000. The song is very "treibend" - I like it and thought: Maybe there is someone else who likes it, too. So now it's on Bandcamp. And it's for free for a couple of days.
    Die treibende Kraft
May 04/ 2017:
  • For free at Bandcamp until Sunday 7th of Mai: "Level π part 3,14" from Entrance. This is the middle part of the approx 20 min Level π suite.
    Level π - Level π part 3,14
April 07/ 2017:
  • For free at Bandcamp until Sunday 9th of April: "Das Versteck" from my Album Dunkelstunde. I think this song is the bridge between my first albums and "This Burning Part of Me". I like it very much.
    Level π - Das Versteck
March 13/ 2017:
  • Hi everybody. Long time no see. For a couple of days you can download "Mine - Instrumental Reprise" - my favorite from "This Burning Part of Me" - for free at bandcamp. Just follow the link
    Level π Mine - Instrumental Reprise
November 19/ 2016:
  • Good news. "Time Trilogy" by Thomas Rydell and me is available on CD (CD-R for I use a CD on demand servive) now! It's 12,-€ within Germany, 14,-€ otherwise, including p & p. Place your order at:
September 10/ 2016:
  • September and still hot outside!!! Anyway - I'm putting down a lot of ideas for my next album. Some of these are written in collaboration with my friend Kevin, an experienced punk guitar player. How cool is that? He comes up with really great riffs and ideas.
July 10/ 2016:
  • Summer Sale on Bandcamp. Until the end of the month you can download "Entrance", "Electronic Sheep", "Dunkelstunde" or "This burning Part of Me" for € 4,00 each.
    Level π Summer Sale
July 09/ 2016:
  • This is a surprise: My 16 year old "Lost in Space" got airplay on one world radio's "Pillars of creation - Vol. 30"
    Pillars of creation - Vol. 30
June 30/ 2016:
  • Just to show you what happened since writing "Lost in Space" - FOR FREE on Bandcamp: "Voices in My Head" from "This Burning Part of Me" (Don't get confused, you still have to click on buy but you can enter €0,00) Offer ends some day in the near future.
    Download Voices in My Head for free.
June 29/ 2016:
  • "Dunkelstunde" for only € 7,-- also at Bandcamp
  • Like to listen to an very old Level p track? Here is "Lost in Space", an old atmospheric track I've written and recorded 16 years ago. It was never officially released but found it's way on my first privat cdr for friends. In my ears it's completely Kraut. Or cosmic? Or space? I'm so bad with genres. Anyway, I like the old thing so I've put it on Bandcamp.
June 16/ 2016:
  • "Dunkelstunde" for only € 7,-- at
April 26/ 2016:
  • Nice interview in German magazine ORKUS
March 26/ 2016:
  • My complete solowork is now available at Bandcamp,which is good because now you can pre-listen very album before you buy it! Level π at Bandcamp
March 19/ 2016:
  • We (Thomas Rydell and I) are very happy to announce our new album Time Trilogy. It took about three years to finish, and we hope that you will like it. Cover art by Karen Wallo . We have decided to offer 50% discount on all our music until march 31. The discount code is "singularity". Please check it out at: Bandcamp
    This is a download only release at Bandcamp.
  • Don't forget: You can pre-listen the complete album on Bandcamp. So no risk here!
  • And there is a new review about "This Burning Part of Me". Again it's in German. And it's really cool. Review at AMUSIO
  • More news! - I made a video to "Voices in My Head" from "This Burning Part of Me": Voices in My Head - Video
March 11/ 2016:
February 21/ 2016:
February 12/ 2016:
  • 4 years late: A video-trailer for Dunkelstunde! Trailer
  • I have looked for some help with promotion and distribution. And now I work with Reptile Music
    Cool. I like that
January 06/ 2016:
  • A happy new year to everyone! All the best for 2016.
  • You can find my music on Bandcamp now. It was about time
December 09/ 2015:
December 06/ 2015:
  • At the moment I'm mixing the last song of the next Rydell/Cremer release. Our Time Trilogy!
  • And I started recording new tracks. I'm experimenting with tons of feedback and saturation/distortion. Sounds very interesting:
    Penny Dreadful
December 05/ 2015:
October 17/ 2015:
  • During the last months I've put a lot of time into the release of "This Burning Part of me" (with videotrailer, press kit and everything). My next big project will be a new homepage. This one here is outdated and somewhat embarrasing, I know. But there is so much to do and never enough time. I hope you understand.
September 27/ 2015:
  • Video-trailer on youtube: Video
September 14/ 2015:
September 07 / 2015:
  • "this burning part of me" is availabe for download on itunes, amazon, ...
  • Customers on and itunes give 5 stars for "this burning part of me"
August 30 / 2015:
  • New Level π release: this burning part of me
  • It's an EP with seven tracks. Four tracks are instrumental, three songs feature Timothy Smith as singer. Tim also wrote the lyrics.
  • This time I'm focused on the dark, evocative pop-appeal of rhythmically driven post-punk and the floating sounds of ethereal Gothic rock.
  • Teaser
  • The wonderful artwork is done by Anna Wirth
  • Available as CD
January 28 / 2015:
  • News on the Rydell/Cremer collaboration: The 20 minute track "Ticking Tyrant" is ready for mastering. At the moment I'm working on a track called "Zeitnot" and we have the rough layout for a third track "Timemachine" - You get the loose concept of the album.
  • My side-project "Late 4 Lunch" has changed it's structure: Now it's a pure Uwe project with my good friend Tim as a guest musician (vocals, lyrics). I started writing some additional instrumental songs for the album. In the end it will be a full album instead of an EP (I hope ;) ).
January 05 / 2015:
  • Happy New Year to all of you!
  • I bought new Headphones: AKG K-712pro. Sound is fantastic. You hear every detail. They are a very good addition to my monitors (Genelec 1031a) I started using them while mixing the Tacking Tyrant.
December 03 / 2014:
  • Here is a nice review about "Sirius Singularity"(in German, sorry about that):
    Babyblaue Seite
  • Thomas Rydell and I are working hard on a follow up to Sirius Singularity. The first Track is called "Ticking Tyrant" and will be a 20min longtrack. It's orchestra and it rocks. It rocks a little bit harder than Sirius Singularity but still has it's dreamy moments.
  • My collaboration with singer Timothy Smith is ready for mastering! It will be an EP with a couple of songs inspired by post punk/indie bands like Joy Division, the Mission, ... Then there are many other influences like e.g. Depeche Mode.
  • And there are a couple of new tracks for my life as Level π
  • As you can see, I was very busy in the last couple of months and now I'm looking forward to some quiet christmas days.

August 14 / 2014:
  • Did you read the fantastic article about my music (and me) in our newspaper "Kölner Stadtanzeiger"? Now it's online:
    Den Krautrock fest im Herzen
  • And this is the Q & A part:
May 31 / 2014:
  • The compilation "Son of Kraut" with my track "Black Rabbit" has been released. Here is a nice review (in German, sorry about that):
    Babyblaue Seite
  • There is a new German review about my album "Dunkelstunde":
    Review Dunkelstunde
  • I have put a new track on Soundcloud. Some nights ago sleep wouldn't come. Sometimes it is like this. So I used the night to make some music and I've written this song. Surprisingly it's called: "Can't Sleep" Listen to "Can't Sleep"
  • My alternative rock project "Late for Lunch" with friend and vocalist Tim Smith is growing and growing. I'm really excited about that one.
February 16 / 2014:
  • "Black Rabbit" - a brand new LEVEL PI Track
    on the compilation "Son of Kraut" by Sireena Records
    - Release Date: 21 March 2014 -
    sonofkraut (173K)
December 30 / 2013:
  • Hello Everybody, long time no see. But that doesn't mean nothing happened. In fact a lot has happened. My collaboration with Dave "Computerchemist" Pearson, the Audio Cologne Project nearly made it Album of the year on arfm's Soundscapes. Meaning we made silver not gold which is as good as album of the year.
    ARfm Soundscapes Top 10 Albums of the Year 2013
  • Thomas Rydell was in Colgogne this autumn and we made some great recordings for a follow up of "Sirius Singularity". It's still in a very early stage but ... oh yes ...
  • In January I started an Alternative Rock project with my friend Tim Smith who has a wonderfull voice. Up to now we composed six songs and started recording them. Even though there is still a lot of work to do we already have the feeling the project is really something special.
  • Last but not least I'm planning to release a Level Pi album on Vinyl. There will be some new songs on it and some older tracks as well. I always wanted to have my own vinyl, so I thought why only dreaming of it? - Do it!
  • There will be a new Level Pi track on a compilation entitled "Son of Kraut" somewhere in the future. The song is already out but I still haven't the exact release date of the record company.
  • So that's it for this year. I wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR. See you in 2014
October 01 / 2013:
July 23 / 2013:
  • Perhaps you have missed the famous Audio Cologne Project interview. Listen to the podcast: Soundscapes July 21
July 21 / 2013:
  • Today: Interview on arfm
    approximately 15:30 BST (16:30 CEST/10:30 EDT/07:30 PDT), Dave Pearson and Uwe Cremer will be chatting LIVE to Paul Baker on his ARFM Soundscapes progressive rock radio show about their new release “2911.” under the virtual band name of Audio Cologne Project. arfm
June 29 / 2013:
May 30 / 2013:
  • After 4 years in the making, I’m happy to announce that the collaboration album with Dave Pearson, “Audio Cologne Project”, featuring Zsolt Galantai on drums, is now released and available for immediate download from the bandcamp website!
    Audio Cologne Project - 2911
April 26 / 2013:
  • A couple of months ago I went to Recklinghausen for a long jam session with Torsten Abel aka TMA. You can hear a bit of this session in "Sequentum P", song No 4 on Torsten's great new album: TMA RAL 5002
February 11 / 2013:
  • Special offer at Amazon! "Dunkelstunde" for only 8,-€ plus p & p Amazon
February 04 / 2013:
  • CD-R "Dunkelstunde" and CD-R "Sirius Singularity" are now available at!
December 31 / 2012:
  • "Sirius Singularity" is reviewed in "Eclipsed", Germany's No. 1 Prog-Rock-Magazine! 8 points out of 10! They compared our music to Eberhard Schoener, Tangerine Dream, Jon Lord, Pink Floyd. :)
    Here an excerpt from the review: "Gitarrist und Soundtüftler Uwe Cremer kennt man von seinem Projekt Level Pi. Nun hat er sich mit dem schwedischen Musiker Thomas Rydell zusammengetan, der Filmscores schreibt. Beiden ist die Liebe zum Krautrock à la frühe Tangerine Dream gemein. Herausgekommen ist ein anspruchsvolles, spannendes Album, das an die besten Zeiten der meditativen Fusion von Klassik und Elektronik erinnert." Eclipsed Nr. 146, S. 59
  • Happy New Year
December 13 / 2012:
  • There is a direct link to the interview about Sirius Singularity at Electronic Circus 2012 in the youtube section of my page. The Sirius Singularity part starts at 2:28: Interview
November 28 / 2012:
  • After weeks and weeks of computerproblems I finally have a full functional audio computer. So I can start making music again. There are some ideas for a new project with my friend Thomas Rydell and I'm planning to record an album with Andreas Baaden. But don't ask for the schedule!
November 11 / 2012:
  • New Interview with TMA, Thomas Rydell and Level Pi:
October 03 / 2012:
  • Thomas Rydell, my partner from the album "Sirius Singularity" came to Germany to join me at the Electronic Circus in Gütersloh on Sep. 22nd. Have a look at some pictures:
    Pictures with Thomas
    more pictures of the event
  • I wasn't so sure about the copyright of the material I used for my two selfmade videos, so I deleted them.
September 08 / 2012:
September 07 / 2012:
  • I've set my last two videos on youtube to private because I was a bit worried about copyright.
August 08 / 2012:
  • I've been creative again. This time I made a video styled like an 1950's western B-movie. Just for fun. Have a look: "Somewhere in the Old West"
July 29 / 2012:
July 24 / 2012:
  • I've updated the reviews section and corrected the sidebar.
July 23 / 2012:
  • Sorry about being so lazy with this page. But Now I'm back with a reworked version. So what has changed?
  • I decided to run this page no longer in two languages. Now it's English only.
  • Now there is a category "buy/download" in the sidebar with all information you need to purchase my music
  • The category "youtube" in the sidebar leads to some Level π videos
  • I deleted the category "infos" with 6 year old information to all songs of "Entrance"
  • I still have to update my biography and the reviews section. But that's for another rainy week. At the moment there is summer ourside! Enjoy the sun ;)
April 24 / 2012:
  • Here you can find all information about my collaboration with Swedish composer Thomas Rydell: "Sirius Singularity"
April 23 / 2012:
  • For Facebook switched to "timeline" you need a new direct link to find the Bandpage player: "Level Pi on Facebook"
March 31 / 2012:
March 30 / 2012:
January 06 / 2012:
  • My EM-Album of the month:
    At the moment I'm listening to Torsten Abel's new album TMA - SynthsOrganics again and again. On one hand you have this strong Berlin School feeling on the other hand especially Martin Rohleder's guitar adds something new to it. Give it a try!
January 03 / 2012:
  • Update of CD's/Samples on this page
  • Update of my Facebook-Bandpage. You find a decent player for tracks and videos like it has to be. Perhaps you even LIKE it!
January 02 / 2012:
  • Happy New Year and ...
  • Finally! I got the CD-Rs of my new album "Dunkelstunde" today. The CD-R is professionally copied and comes in a nice digipak. Thanks to all who have already odered the CD and showed so much patience. Your package goes out today. If you like to order your copy of Dunkelstunde, write to!
December 29 / 2011:
December 24 / 2011:
  • I wish you a merry christmas and all the rest, too ;)
December 03 / 2011:
November 27 / 2011:
November 18 / 2011:
  • My new album "Dunkelstunde" is as good as ready for uploading on Rebeat. Here's a preview: Dunkelstunde Teaser.
  • And here you can have a look at the artwork: Dunkelstunde Cover.
  • The project with Thomas Rydell is nearly finished, too. We started with the artwork and tracks are ready for mastering.
  • And here is a little experiment I did: Synth and Percussionr.
Oktober 16 / 2011:
  • New track on Soundcloud!: Energy of writing. The song is a musical version of what they call "writer's flow". I wrote it for my wife who works as a writer.
  • Last week I have sent the mix of my new album to my friend Steve Baltes who is going to master it.
  • One step forward in the project with Swedish composer Thomas Rydell: Today I have sent him a new track!
August 29 / 2011:
  • I visited Computerchemist Dave in Hungary and we worked hard on our collaboration Audio Colgne. We made great progress. Now we have to do all the fine tuning.
June 25 / 2011:
June 13 / 2011:
  • A short jamsession with Andreas Baaden. Listen to it: ANTA4
June 03 / 2011:
  • Yesterday I started recording some guitars for the project AUDIO COLOGNE with Computerchemist Dave Pearson. And Zsolt Galantai on drums.
May 21 / 2011:
  • Today I will finish the mixing process for my new album. After that I have to take a long break, because I lost the distance to my music. And then I can think about mastering.
  • By now I've got enough "Likes" for a proper address on Facebook:
April 30 / 2011:
  • Blackfield was a real disappointment. Superloud und uninspired. I left after 20 minutes.
  • With nothing working on Myspace anymore I switched to Facebook: Level π on FB
April 20 / 2011:
  • I will go to the Blackfield Concert in Cologne next Tuesday. That will be fun.
  • Last weekend Computerchemist and family came to Cologne. That was cool. Sadly there was only time for listening to music but there wasn't enough time for composing.
  • I make very slow progress with the mix of my next album. But there is some progress!
March 30 / 2011:
  • Finally! The recordings for my new album are finished! Now it's all mixing and mastering. Lot's of guitar on this record!
März 15 / 2011:
March 3 / 2011:
  • Last weekend I bought new Loudspeakers: Genelec 1031a. Now I'm rearranging my studio to make it sound better!
  • Next weekend I will be at the awards show of the EM-Fanclub Schallwende e.v.
    Klaus Schulze will be there too!
February 13 / 2011:
  • The songs for my third album are ready for mixing. (o.k. all except one)
  • In summer I'm going to Hungary to finish the collaboration with Computerchemist Dave Pearson!
January 05 / 2011:
  • Happy New Year
  • Watch the fantastic ComputerChemist/Level π interview on youtube! WATCH
December 23 / 2010:
  • A minute ago a package with Mindmovie`s new CD "Happiness and Tears" arrived. If you think the track "When we dream" sounds familiar, you are right: It's Mindmovies version of my "Hubbles Dream pt 2". Good work, Achim :) !
  • Beside the usual chaos before chrismas, I spend a lot of time improving the acoustics of my little studio. Because of this I couldn't work on my next CD but it was worth it.
December 01 / 2010:
November 04 / 2010:
  • In the next issue of "Schalldruck", magazin of the German EM Fanclub Schallwende e.v., there will be a review about "Electronic Sheep".
  • More reviews and interview: Henry Schneider of the American magazin Expose Magazine did an interview with me. Interview and a review about "Entrance" will be published in the next issue of Expose Magazin.
October 02 / 2010:
  • Kiso Valley is with sample now and it is encluded in my discography.
  • You can also listen to a sample of Sonnenwind now.
October 01 / 2010:
  • New Level Pi track on the fan-club sampler schallplatte 12 of the club Schallwende e.v.. The nealy 11-minute long song Kiso Valley was written exclusively for this record. Inspiration was my trip to Japan in spring.
September 19 / 2010:
  • Finally, the English biography is up to date. Thanks to my good old friend Daniel Nucinkis.
  • Links are up to date now, too.
September 06 / 2010:
  • Update of the discography.
August 15 / 2010:
  • My German biography is up to date now. It still needs to be translated.
Jul 30 / 2010:
  • You can find a version of my song Hubbles Dream pt. 2 on Mindmovie´s next release!
July 13 / 2010:
  • The storyboard for the dragonmovie is finished. The making of the film will be very complicated thus we start with another project to practise: Laub (= follage). It's a 5-minute horrormovie, music by Level π. You can call it the "dress rehearsal" for the dragon movie.
July 04 / 2010:
  • Although progress is slow: I'm working hard on new tracks for my next album. This time it will be with more guitar.
June 14 / 2010:
  • Yesterday I met the guys who shoot the dragon movie. The next logical step, creating the storyboard, is on it's way.
May 19 / 2010:
  • In Jan/Feb. I wrote a new song based on a Super 8 movie entitled "Drachenherz". You should see the fantastic stop-motion-dragon. Now they are going to shoot the film again, based on the structure of my song. Full circle!
May 18 / 2010:
  • Somebody got angry because nothing happens on my news-page. :( You are right, you are right...
Januar 04 / 2010:
November 23 / 2009:
  • Check out Computerchemist's new CD "Aqual Measure". It's a classic (like all his CD's). Recommended for everyone who loves TD, KS, Krautrock, Hawkwind, instrumental music, Level π. (Guess who played guitar on the title track ! Thanks for the opportunity and the great teamwork, Dave)
    Enjoy the music
Sep 26 / 2009:
  • The compilation MyOuterSpace Vol. 5 is ready for download, including a remastered version of my track Pferdekopfnebel
    mos5 new (500K)
July 10 / 2009:
  • Updated the "Reviews" with two reviews about Electronic Sheep
Juni 25 / 2009:
  • You can purchase Electronic Sheep at !
    Just search for Level Pi.
June 13 / 2009:
  • Electronic Sheep is now availabke at Musea/Dreaming
    12:35 minute bonustrack Sonnenwind, new Artwork
April 03 / 2009:
March 20 / 2009:
  • You can read a translation of my first German review on myspace !
January 20 / 2009:
January 10 / 2009:
  • Past featured TDFZ show and store artist Level Pi's classic Entrance CD is now currently available from the store with a special offer to obtain the download of his latest Electronic Sheep album completely FREE with this purchase. This offer ends 24th January
    Click here to get to the shop: The Cyber Warehouse
Dezember 23 / 2008:
  • You can order my new album `Electronic Sheep` as CD-R directly at ! The CD comes complete with cover and printed label.
    You can still download `Electronic Sheep` at Sound Futures Direct: The Cyber Warehouse
November 27 / 2008:
  • On November 29th Level π is again in the TDFZ Radio Show!
    Just click on the picture to get to the podcast.
November 22 / 2008:
  • My new Album `Electronic Sheep` is finished. You can download `Electronic Sheep` at Sound Futures Direct:
    The Cyber Warehouse
    This time I have used synthesizers as main instruments. The CD is like a nice evening with 70's electronic music. You know, one of those evenings when you start listening to Klaus Schulze. After that you go on with Tangerine Dream, then Cluster, Michael Rother etc.
    Listen to the samples: CD's/Samples
  • Discography and Indexpage are updated
  • You can download the 'Level π Special' from Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show in the CD's/Samples section!

Oktober 27 / 2008:
  • On November 1st there is the long awaited Level π Special on Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show!
    Just click on the picture to get to the podcast.
August 17 / 2008:
  • I have updated the links again: With a link to my myspace page, a link to Roy G and Inner Light ("astral psychotronic music") and another one to Thomas Rydell, musician and composer from Sweden!
August 16 / 2008:
  • The music for a second album is complete and at the moment I'm looking for a label to release it. This time I have used synthesizers as main instruments. The CD is like a nice evening with 70's electronic music. You know, one of those evenings when you start listening to Klaus Schulze. After that you go on with Tangerine Dream, then Cluster, Michael Rother etc.

    I have also completed a couple of songs for a third CD - again with a nice solo guitar.
August 15 / 2008:
  • There will be a Level π Special on Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show in the near future! And in the forthcoming YOKO ONO Special on Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show, there will be an edit of another new song plus a radio ID by Level π.
    I have updated the link section with links to Chris Newman's Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show.
Juli 31 / 2008:
  • Level π is on Saturday 2nd August on Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show : Click on the Banner will lead you to the "Sound Futures Direct" page. Sroll down and click on TDFZ Radio Show icon. One last click on the big picture opens the podcast page.
Juli 09 / 2008:
  • On Saterday the 12th you can listen to Level Pi in the Tangerine Dream Fans Zone Radio Show: Level Pi pt. 3.14 and a brand new longtrack entitlet Theta Zero. The program itself becomes available for listeners to download and/or listen to directly from the podcast site from 12 noon (GB BST) on Saturday (and any time later). A click on the banner leads you to "Sound Futures Direct" where you can find a link to the radio show.
April 05 / 2008:
March 05 / 2008:
  • Level Pi is awarded tip in the dutch magazin iOpages (No 76)!!
February 18 / 2008:
  • updated the CD's and Samples section (finally!)
January 11 / 2008:
  • You can find "Hubbles Dream: Dream without end" on "Psychedelic Underground 13" (GOD CD 130).
December 30 / 2007:
  • Happy new year! I hope you had a very nice X-mas. Another year gone - that was quick!
September 14 / 2007:
August 24 / 2007:
August 18 / 2007:
August 16 / 2007:
July 25 / 2007:
  • I have just finished a song for a motorbike shop advertisement. If I'm lucky I can present the video in the near future. Here`s a sample: CD's/Samples
June 01 / 2007:
  • Update of my review collection with reviews from Progressive Waves and Music in Belgium.
May 14 / 2007:
  • I started working on a couple of new songs and recorded some early versions. It will take some time to work out the final versions. Especially since I got problems with my ears because of overuse of my headphones (not to loud but to many hours I think). Now I've got this funny noises all the time and my ears get tired very quickly. Not good ...
  • Some minor layout changes.
  • Now there are two reviews in French: review1 and review2
February 15 / 2007:
  • Under the menu button reviews you find some reviews of my CD.
  • And there are some new links to be discovered.
  • Some minor layout specifics have been changed: a small help display for the scroll function and some anchors in larger texts for a more comfortable navigating.
  • The menu button 'Discography' has been renamed into CD's/Samples.
December 15 / 2006:
  • One more review to be read in english ...
November 07 / 2006:
October 19 / 2006:
  • Until January next year the website will be maintained only occasionally. If you would like to order a CD, have a look at the Mailorders in the Links.
  • And some new Links are yet to discover.
October 04 / 2006:
Oktober 03 / 2006:
September 18 / 2006:
  • Level π on the Radio! --- on Saturday and Sunday you could listen to my music on the webradio They played all parts of Level π and No cello!
  • Due to server problems this site didn`t work properly for the last two days. Sorry. But it seems to be o.k. now
September 15 / 2006:
  • English site is now online!
September 10 / 2006:
  • My debut CD „Entrance“ (Garden of Delights 126) is published by Garden of Delights.
  • During three months I will be on a worldtour: the website is unattended during this time and things will be back to normal in January '07.