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Baaden/Cremer on new Schallwende Compilation

Schallplatte 24

schallwende e.V. the famous German EM Fanclub has released a new compilation „FREUDE – Schallplatte 24“. 27 EM (more or less) tracks including the new „Opening Doors“ by Baaden/Cremer .

Preview XL interview eclipsed 7/8 2021

Preview of my interview (German language) in eclipsed 7/8 2021. Unfortunately the complete interview ist for subscribers only. But it’s a nice start.

Level Pi feature in eclipsed Rock Magazin

Level Pi feature in the new eclipsed-Rock-Magazin July/Aug 2021.


Elektronische Philosophie is now also available in On Stage tour & concert promotion’s shop:

Level Pi in TOP 10 of Neokraut

Review Eclipsed

„Elektronische Philosophie“ is reviewed in the new eclipsed-Rock-Magazin . „Nachtfahrt“ is on the CD that comes with the magazine. Eclipsed ranks „Elektronische Philosophie“ in the TOP 10 of Neokraut!

Head Rush

Head Rush

Audio Cologne Project, the Computerchemist / Level Pi collaboration is part on the giant triple LP + bonus CD HEAD RUSH released by Fruits de Mer Records! My copy came yesterday. They chose the track „Grobmotorik“.

„Intermezzo“ on Schallwende youtube channel

„Intermezzo“ on Schallwende youtube channel:

Level Pi in eclipsed (German Rock magazine)

Level π is mentioned in the new eclipsed magazine as one of the new bands of Krautrock! Krautrock rules

The 2-minute vacation

Intermezzo Video

New Video: Intermezzo Vielen Dank an das Team des Miniatur Wunderlands


Next stop: Hippiesland