Schlagwort: Baaden/Cremer

Baaden/Cremer Rheinlandlichter

Baaden/Cremer released the four tracks of this EP between 2018 and 2021 on various CD compilations of the German fan club for electronic music „Schallwende“. Here they are together!

Baaden/Cremer did it again!

Cover Schallplatte 22

Baaden/Cremer did it again: Our track „Tiefsee“ is part of the new CD „Unter Wasser“, the 22. Schallplatte by German EM fanclub Schallwende.  😎

Recording and Mixing

Superb session with Andreas Baaden today. We are working on a very cool track with the title TIEFSEE.

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People seem to like Baaden/Cremer’s „Aufbruch“:

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