New Song for Baaden/Cremer

We have been working on a new song. It will be part of our compilation „Aufbruch“. So it’s not only jam sessions anymore. And this one will ROCK.  Basically it’s a Organ – Guitar – Bass – Drums song. O.k. you will find some synth stuff, too.

About this page

This is a privat page.  Since you can listen to my music on bandcamp, spotify, itunes, … (and even buy or download my music there), watch my musicvideos on youtube,  no integrated player or shop is necessary. The idea is just to give an overview of my musical work and provide you with the relevant links. If you use them you will be directed to for example youtube and leave my page.

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Rydell/Cremer – Time Trilogy

There is a new and very nice review about Time Trilogy:
Musikzirkus-Magazin Review Time Trilogy


Next session with Andreas Baaden :  Saturday. Looking forward to it.

New Homepage

Although I still like the look of my 2006 homepage, I think it is time to replace it. The old one was optimized for 17“ 4:3 monitors, it was pure html thus maintanance was horrible and have you ever tried to look at it on your iphone?

The idea behind the new one is (beside being fully responsive) to be as minimalistic as possible and to provide you with the most important information at the same time. It centralises music and videos scattered over pages like youtube, different bandcamp pages or spotify.

So: Welcome to my new homepage.