About this page

This is a privat page.  Since you can listen to my music on bandcamp, spotify, itunes, … (and even buy or download my music there), watch my musicvideos on youtube,  no integrated player or shop is necessary. The idea is just to give an overview of my musical work and provide you with the relevant links. If you use them you will be directed to for example youtube and leave my page.

If you like to visit me on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/levelpi

„Der Keller“ – a new/old track on Bandcamp

„Der Keller“ is a guitar track (o.k., except for some strings and noises in the background but that doesn’t count 😉 ). Because of the lack of synths and sequencer it didn’t make it on my last album „Elektronische Philosophie“.
Bass played by my good friend Simon.
The artwork is taken from an old session with Andreas Baaden (also a good friend).

Bandcamp: https://levelpi.bandcamp.com/track/der-keller-single

New Baaden/Cremer EP

Baaden/Cremer released the four tracks of this EP between 2018 and 2021 on various CD compilations of the German fan club for electronic music „Schallwende“. Here they are together!


Working on new tracks

After a couple of months where music unfortunately had to be in the background I’ve recorded a couple of new ideas but it’s all in an early stage. That’s a start.


I just wanted to let you know that I’m still there. The last few months were filled with work but unfortunately it had nothing to do with music. Every now and then I found the time to record an idea even if it was only a few bars. And I started to polish up the mix of some nice tracks that were lying dormant on my harddrive.

Baaden/Cremer on new Schallwende Compilation

Schallplatte 24

schallwende e.V. the famous German EM Fanclub has released a new compilation „FREUDE – Schallplatte 24“. 27 EM (more or less) tracks including the new „Opening Doors“ by Baaden/Cremer .

Preview XL interview eclipsed 7/8 2021

Preview of my interview (German language) in eclipsed 7/8 2021. Unfortunately the complete interview ist for subscribers only. But it’s a nice start.

Level Pi feature in eclipsed Rock Magazin

Feature in eclipsed 232

Level Pi feature in the new eclipsed-Rock-Magazin July/Aug 2021.


Elektronische Philosophie is now also available in On Stage tour & concert promotion’s shop:

Level Pi in TOP 10 of Neokraut

Review Eclipsed„Elektronische Philosophie“ is reviewed in the new eclipsed-Rock-Magazin . „Nachtfahrt“ is on the CD that comes with the magazine. Eclipsed ranks „Elektronische Philosophie“ in the TOP 10 of Neokraut!

Head Rush

Head Rush

Audio Cologne Project, the Computerchemist / Level Pi collaboration is part on the giant triple LP + bonus CD HEAD RUSH released by Fruits de Mer Records! My copy came yesterday. They chose the track „Grobmotorik“.