Level Pi in TOP 10 of Neokraut

Review Eclipsed„Elektronische Philosophie“ is reviewed in the new eclipsed-Rock-Magazin . „Nachtfahrt“ is on the CD that comes with the magazine. Eclipsed ranks „Elektronische Philosophie“ in the TOP 10 of Neokraut!

Head Rush

Head Rush

Audio Cologne Project, the Computerchemist / Level Pi collaboration is part on the giant triple LP + bonus CD HEAD RUSH released by Fruits de Mer Records! My copy came yesterday. They chose the track „Grobmotorik“.

„Intermezzo“ on Schallwende youtube channel

„Intermezzo“ on Schallwende youtube channel: https://youtu.be/2ZIC42AoMxM

Level Pi in eclipsed (German Rock magazine)

Level π is mentioned in the new eclipsed magazine as one of the new bands of Krautrock! Krautrock rules 😃

The 2-minute vacation

New Video: IntermezzoIntermezzo Video

Vielen Dank an das Team des Miniatur Wunderlands


Next stop: Hippiesland http://www.hippiesland.de/promo_level_pi_elektronische_philosophie

Art and Photographie by Rendel Freude

Rendel Freude, the artist who made the wonderful artwork for most of my cds has launched her new websites (yes, plural). If you are interested in her work as an artists and the giant sculptures she makes, in her work as a photographer or graphic designer, click on one of the links. It’s well worth it. Promised!

Photography: http://www.rendel-freude.de/

Graphic: http://www.rendel-freude-grafik.de/

Art: https://www.rendel-freude-kunst.de/

Level Pi in Empire Music Magazine

Empire Music MagazineDetailed review of „Elektronische Philosophie“ in German print magazine „Empire Music“ plus „Nachtfahrt“ on the accompanying CD. 

More reviews:
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German online magazine RockTimes


Spotify Playlist

Very versatile playlist with instrumental music from my label Timezone. Kind of New Wave of Krautrock.

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Maybe you’d like to read some reviews about Elektronische Philosophie, here are some links. People seem to like the album. I like that.

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